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Medication Abortion (Aborto)

Medication abortion is the ingestion of medications to end a pregnancy early in the gestational cycle. Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center abortion clinics in Kansas and Oklahoma offer medication abortions up to 70 days into pregnancy. The medications used are 95 percent effective.
Abortion clinic
The cost of medication abortion care through 70 days is $650.
Medication abortions consist of three steps:
  1. For medication abortion care, your physician will give you a pill called Mifeprex at the time of your appointment. This pill works by blocking progesterone. This causes the lining of the uterus to break down, and your pregnancy will end soon after.
  2. You also will be given a second medicine, Misoprostol, to take 24 to 36 hours after you’ve taken the first pill. This medication will cause your uterus to empty. You will experience cramps and heavy bleeding, usually lasting a few hours. You may see large blood clots or tissue. It is normal to have some bleeding or spotting for up to four weeks after the procedure.
  3.  Follow up: You must return for your follow-up appointment 14 to 21 days after you take the second pill. This is necessary to ensure your abortion is complete. In the event that your abortion failed, you will need to discuss the next step with your physician.

Surgical Abortion (Aborto)

Abortion clinic
Surgical abortion takes place in the clinic. Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center abortion clinics in Kansas and Oklahoma are the only clinics in the communities they serve to offer surgical abortion. The most common type of surgical abortion is vacuum aspiration. The cost of  surgical abortion care through 11.6 weeks is $650. The cost of surgical abortion care through 13.6 weeks is $750.  Please contact us for the cost of a surgical abortion after 14 weeks.
During an aspiration procedure:
  1. Your physician will perform an exam that will include an ultrasound.
  2. You may be given medications for pain or for sedation.
  3. A speculum will be inserted into your vagina.
  4. Your health care provider may inject a numbing medication into or near your cervix.
  5. The opening of your cervix may be stretched with dilators — a series of increasingly thick rods.
  6. A tube will be inserted through the cervix into the uterus. Either a hand-held suction device or a suction machine will gently empty your uterus.
  7. Sometimes, an instrument called a curette will be used to remove any remaining tissue that lines the uterus. It also may be used to check that the uterus is empty. When a curette is used, people often call the abortion a D&C — dilation and curettage.
  8. Please note: aspiration procedure takes about five to 10 minutes. But more time may be needed to prepare your cervix. Time also is needed for talking with your provider about the procedure, a physical exam, reading and signing forms, counseling and a recovery period of about one hour.